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Most dispensing designs fail to provide a closed system arrangement to safeguard against consumption and cost, as well as unrestricted methods of use. SanServ developed Optix® to solve this problem.

The simple patent pending wall housing arrangement combined with the patented irremovable container cap creates a closed integrated dilution system. Optix® can be used with new or existing dispensing equipment and with any of the leading Chemical Dispenser/Dosing Unit brands currently available.

The invention provides provides a simple arrangement whereby the dispensing container of operating liquid can be easily be replaced. The design allows secure placement (in terms of positioning) and, optionally, secure retention (with the use of locking arrangements appropriate for a specific use). By the use of the use of colour coding with specific containers for particular applications, the risk of cross contamination between containers and pumping systems is prevented.

This low cost solution offers many benefits to consumers and suppliers, controlling the safe use and cost of chemicals for the consumer, while securing the commercial value of these chemicals for suppliers.